Whats it all about...

Hi, i'm making music for a lot of years now and have a lot of experience with sounddesign and composing any kind of (electronic) music.
The year 2013 is the starting point for making this to a service for YOU!
On indaba I participated now at 3 Remix Contests, you can listen here to the tracks. I mostly like to only use the vocals or part of the vocals and make a whole new track with these. This lets me be more creative and gives me room for my own style of music.

Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment

Remix Contest on Indaba:
Celine Dion - Loved me back to Life

Voting has just started. Again I only used vocals from Celine Dion and made a complete new track. But this time I processed the vocals with Cubase VariAudio and changed the pitch of some notes to make them sound more oriental. This track is really interesting: Big Beat and PRODIGY style Electro meets oriental instruments and melodies. You can hear sample based oriental Fiddle, Duduk, Sitar and Orchestra played with different articulations.

extern link: Celine Dion - Loved me back to Life (Virtualant Remix)

Free giveaways - Sounds and Samples

18 drum loops

18 drum loops, completely free! Made with 3 drum moduls and for distortion I used NI Driver.
Download drum loops Set

11 patches for NI Massive

Here are 11 patches for the Native Instruments MASSIVE Softwaresynthsizer. Completely free! They are in the older .ksd format.
Download soundset Trexameter


All melodies are from this soundset, rhythm was made with UVI Workstation, NI Reaktor and Steinberg Groove Agent ONE

Remix Contest on Indaba:
Five Knives - Vive Le Roi

I used only the original vocals and made a nice Electro track, this is punky and noisy and a little bit industrial. And one sound is a tribute to Gary Numan! Everybody who knows him will recognize it. Heavy Sound!

extern link: Five Knives - Vive le Roi (Virtualant Remix)

Remix Contest on Indaba:
Serena Ryder - Stompa

This track is Electro JAZZ. I used only the original vocals and made again a whole new composition with them. I tried to let it sound like a real band with double bass, keys, a real drummer, and SAX! For sax I used two different sample libraries.

extern link: Serena Ryder - Stompa (Virtualant Remix)

Sound and Music Demos

You can listen to some of the tracks at full length on soundcloud

Synth Pop 80s Electronica

Track name: Here comes the world

This track started as a fun Project, remembering the time late 70s and early 80s: Italo Disco and Giorgio Moroder, Vocoders and Talkboxes, analog synthesizers.

World Music

Track name: Arabian Nights

Oriental nice tune, this is Orchestra, symphonical, uses a lot of Sample Libraries from Hardware E-MU Sampler and Software East West

Experimental groovy Electro

Track name: Who is it

This is an old track from 2010, quite a bit experimental. Uses a lot of Native Instruments Reaktor for the Voices.

Trip Hop, Ambient

Track name: Hypercard

This is an old track from 2010, groovy and experimental. What kind of genre? Maybe TripHop? or IDM? Who cares? ;-)

I'm not a GEMA member - ich bin KEIN Gema-Mitglied!

GEMA is a state-authorized collecting society and performance rights organization based in Germany.
For more information see Wikipedia.
So all my music and audio productions in the past and in the future are GEMA-free.


My services for you includes:
- sounddesign
- audio logos
- rhythm loops and music loops
- FX
- music compositions for websites, videos, multimedia and films
- Remixes

So feel free to if you have any questions or any kind of musical projects and need assistance. If you speak german write me in german language.


Some of the Hardware Synths i'm working with:

- Waldorf Microwave
- Roland XP-80
- Oberheim Matrix-6R
- Technics WSA1
- GEM S3 Turbo
- 2 x E-MU E4XT Ultra Hardwaresamplers
- Creamware Pro-12

Some of the Software i'm working with:

- (DAW) Cubase 6.5
- NI Absynth 4, NI FM8, NI Pro-53, NI Massive, NI Reaktor 5
- Arturia V-Collection
- Spectrasonics Omnisphere
- EastWest/Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection
- Korg Legacy Collection
- u-he ACE and DIVA

This site is still under construction... First upload on Friday 2013-05-03.